How to Build Mental Power & Concentration

You will receive great practical benefit from the study and application of this short lesson. It will give you many useful ideas and suggestions, which you will be able to apply in your day to day activities.

Being able to concentrate may get you that promotion, or may save your job. It could help you be a better partner, a better parent and a better movie watcher. Apply these lessons and you can unlock great potential within yourself. But remember dear superhero, with great power comes great responsibility.

The possibilities are as endless as the scope for improvement.

1. So, to begin. A very good plan for developing concentration is to apply a series of questions to your chosen subject. Our subject is Concentration. So we might ask ourselves:

What is Concentration?

What have I read or heard about it?

What is its particular value to me?

In what ways can I use it?

What conditions will assist me to concentrate?

While asking these questions you have brought your mind to bear on one subject.


2. Realise how important the power of concentration is to you, and the many advantages its possession will confer upon you. Think about this every morning and make a point of practicing everyday.

3. Check every tendency to wander from your chosen subject. When your mind strays, lead it back to where it should be. Keep persisting in this and soon you will be better able to control your attention and it will surely bring the desired results.

4. Enforce a boring or difficult task upon yourself each day. Compelling yourself to do this will bring great advances in concentration. Anyone can focus on something fun and interesting. Research the history of staples. Or watch a spider build is web.

5. Have stated periods of rest. When having taken a rest, you can come back to the task at hand with renewed vigour. Though this may not be entirely effecting during fornication. On this instance see your job through to the end!

6. Don’t be a book worm. Keep your interests varied to build mental power. Doing the same thing all the time does not improve the brains elasticity . Just because you read allot does not mean you are good at concentration, for, when there are no books around you will struggle to do anything else.

7. Discover a life beyond the internet. It is a most delightful thing, but, it can degrade your power of concentration. If you spend allot of your time online, consider making set periods of time where you have no access to the dark inter web. Use this time to start a new hobby, the more difficult it is to learn, the better.

Meditate on these different things and you will soon discover some new powers. Take a look at the below video, its boring and pointless, so perfect for starting you off.

Concentration Exercise: Focusing on the Candle

This is no doubt a boring thing to do, and therein lies the benefit. Focusing your attention on something you find boring builds your will power to focus on the dull things that need doing, without getting distracted. You will find in time that you last longer, and therefore you get more done. Have a go, don’t let idle thoughts get in the way. Concentrate on the form of the flame. As you do this you can last longer and longer.

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