The Monkey Exercise from Taoism

The Monkey Exercise


This exercise is from Taoism, and is another thing you might like to try, we will not delve deeply into all the exercises to do with Taoism, as that will be a good project for you to do, we will just satisfy ourselves with one exercise from Taoism and if you believe it helps you, you can explore such subjects further by visiting your local library. To the ancient Taoists the Monkey represented activity and free will. He plays about leaping and swinging through the trees, and is unconcerned by any cultural or social anxieties or conventions. As he embodies free will this exercise is free style. Begin by standing or sitting and take a few deep breaths while imagining that you are a little monkey. When this is done, kick off your shoes and clothes and begin to act like a little monkey. Bounce up and down, leap about, do hand stands, do whatever is physically possible for you to do without injury. All movements and actions should be completely impulsive, try not to think too much.


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